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Thursday, August 15, 2013

IONIC: Manage Your Day 8.15.13

Back in the days when I did POWERLIFTING in high school and college, thee was always the "right" way to lift. The three main lifts for competition were the SQUAT, BENCH PRESS and DEADLIFT. Bench press was pretty straight forward as you laid on your back and press forward to the sky. It is the other two that creative havoc on your body if you don't use proper form. 

I was fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of weight back then weighing in at only 165 pounds. My squat in completion was just under 600 pounds while my deadlift was just over. Regardless of the weight there are rules that you must follow so you don't break your back! I am sure you have heard the age old instruction, "Lift with your LEGS, not with your BACK".

This is the same with all the things we do in our business and private lives. We are beginning to handle more and more each day. More is added to our load. How you carry that load is critical to how your endure the ensuing stress. It must be organized. If you are will break your back!

Begin your day with some organization my friends......and then have a great day.
Ionic Dezign Studios
D. Eugene Thompson

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