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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

IONIC Expansion

I have mentioned briefly that we recently took on the task of expanding and renovating our office. We have truly been blessed with wonderful clients and projects. Such that we needed to bring on more wonderful designers and staff to keep up with all that wonderfulness. Oh yeah, we ran out of room in our little studio.

So first was the plan to renovate the front reception and conference area. Then before we got started we added more to our family. Then realized no more space. So then it was expand AND renovate. A daunting task that we often torture our own clients to live we get to subject ourselves to the same treatment.

Let me just say that being your own architect for your own office isn't necessarily a benefit at all. It is an ever-changing design as new ideas come to mind mid-construction. Details on the fly. Electricians, framers, mechanical......all surrounding us with hammers and drills and everything else that makes noise......while you are on the conference call. Oh yeah, had to move the phones last week too. That was fun!

No pictures until we are complete, hoping to finish everything before the holidays. Friday we moved desks into the new "expansion" area......let me clarify.....crammed them back into the new space. We needed to make room for demo of the old production area. We also piled all the catalogs, samples and other literature into the same space as we needed to make room for the new conference room.

All I can say is that the staff are awesome to juggle through the chaos and destruction. So if you call and you hear a few construction sounds in the background.....we apologize.....but it will be WONDERFUL very soon.

Thanks again for pardoning our mess,

Eugene Thompson
Ionic DeZign Studios

Truly...."creating places and spaces that enrich the lives of those who use them."

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