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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ART itectural Lighting

I really love my job. Everyday there are more and more things that I get to do that I would never had imagined. Along my pathway of studies, I have been fortunate to study about lighting. Lighting can truly make a project so much more. Interior spaces can change moods by providing the right types of illumination. It isn't so much the fixture selective but how to develop the concept of the "way" you light up the space or activity. 

The exterior of a building is equally important. There are all sorts of ways and theories regarding the philosophy of lighting. Do you light up the entire building? Do you focus on just an accent point like the top or entry? Do you light up from inside? The process can be different for every type of architecture. I have seen some very nice successful examples around Hampton Roads......and I have also seen some extreme failures. Those that thought, "I will just stick this fixture on the wall and it will take care of itself." It doesn't happen that way. Not even close!

I really feel blessed with having been afforded the opportunity to develop these skills over the years. A little help and encouragement from my friends at First Light and a few travels to various Light Fairs have expanded my knowledge of the RIGHT fixtures to use for a job. 90% of the time you want to see the light itself and its effects.....not necessarily see the fixture.

In so many of our projects we can study the lighting effects in our computers models. This gives us a chance to play and perfect our ideas a little beforehand. Much different than in the old days. However on critical issues we still need to do the mock up samples so we can see the effects. Just like last night. 

The thing with mock ups are they all need to take place at night. We couldn't start work until after 8PM but for this task it was super important. The study was illuminating sculptures at a private residence. I have admired these pieces for years but to look at them with a renewed appreciation was to look at them at night with just the right lighting and at the right angle. You could see the art work in a whole new light...PUN INTENDED!

Again, I love my work......oh yeah, it's not work when you have so much fun!

Have an ILLUMINATING Day my friends. If you need help on lighting up your projects, be sure to call us.

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D. Eugene Thompson

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