The way our team of professionals help churches find solid solutions incorporates interaction with your mission team or building committee by leading them through a process to develop their VISION or Strategic Master Plan. A Strategic Master Plan is a detailed building analysis and conceptual site design with estimated costs that can be implemented in phases over time as the church continues to grow. Some typical steps in the VISIONEERING process to develop the Plan include:
  1. Assess existing resources and limitations - current facilities, land, municipal zoning constraints, building code impacts, financial position.

  2. Compare your church's vision and mission - determining if the churches goals are in sync with the facility's ability - physically and financially.
  3. Analyze your church's growth trends, programs and age distribution - this can determine how to properly prepare. You wouldn't want to build four new classrooms if it is expected that eight will be needed.
  4. Identify unique opportunities and potential threats that can be expressed in a Master Plan.
  5. Develop a comprehensive phased building program which includes renovation areas as well as new construction. Each space should reference square footages and occupancy capabilities.
  6. Provide design options to consider that include site planning including parking, utility studies, circulation needs, worship programs, exterior and interior architectural ideas as well as furniture needs.

  7. Develop consensus on a final plan with leaders and stakeholders
  8. Map out an implementation process and time frame
  9. Provide marketing renderings and plans to be utilized in Capital Raising Campaigns.
  10. Coordinate municipality approval processes for both civil and building permit requirements. Some locations require zoning review with often need to be voted on by city council. This could take a lengthy period to obtain approval.
  11. Identify and help retain needed consultants (i.e., local engineers, acoustical audio-video-lighting, etc.) Our team handles all of these contractual relationships.
  12. Contract Administration implemented (selecting local general contractors, schedules, phases, etc.)
Not every church requires all these steps to develop a Master Plan. However, they should certainly review each and ask themselves whether there might be an issue. Being a good steward of your blessings means you never leave any stone unturned......or question unanswered. The result of your VISIONEERING process is that your important questions are answered and you will have a well thought out plan which can be implemented in order to provide for your growth within realistic financial constraints.
Don't trust your family to the inexperienced or those that have little invested in your passion. Allow us to be the good STEWARDS of your VISION. 

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