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Monday, August 8, 2016

Problem Solving - Don't stick your head in the sand

Have you ever had one of those days wherever you turn you are faced with problems?
Areas you thought were 100% under control turned out to be in chaos? The world begins to spin and you cannot seem to grasp back onto solid ground? too.

It can be normal everyday issues or even work related. Whatever comes up you need to not stick your head in the sand but rather resolve the issues. I know easier said than done. I have this often. I want to run away. I call it my hermit-idous......I'd rather be a hermit.

As a diabetic I've often been faced with imaginary issues that seem much more grand than they are in reality. Don't tell my brain thinks they are real. Blood sugar controls so many things one of them being your emotions. You certainly could call it depression..... I'd rather call it emotional delusion. I know that it is just a chemical imbalance and I should try and work myself out of it. 

So how do you do that? Well I've gone through this enough times that I have learned a few lessons.

Lesson learned: 

1) Suck it up and walk it off.
Ok so that is harsh but I tend to be a bit tough on myself and really don't want to drown in my sorrows. I feel that the best medicine is to get up and keep moving. After all nobody ever drown by falling into water......they drowned by staying there.

2) There is no time for me to be off of my game. 
Have you ever went on vacation and then came back to a pile of work? Isn't it crazy how much builds up even over a short time. So think about that when you get overwhelmed and want to retreat. More than likely you are a person that is in need. Staff, Family, Friends.....try to stay on your game. Many people rely upon you but more importantly you rely upon yourself. Take a breath and get back in the game.

3) I realize that I need to more analytical and lesson emotional in my dealings.
Science! It will solve anything. Okay maybe not exactly. Try to flip the switch and pretend it is someone else's problems and you are asked to solve them. Would you jump up and down and freak out? Probably wouldn't help that individual much. Try to put it in the right perspective. There is some issue that needs to be addressed. Whether it is work related or any other issue look at it as a regular problem solving task. 

4) Write the issues down.
Whether they are real or doesn't matter. In your head they are real....or real enough to make you worry about them. Then after each one.....write a solution. Don't worry about how practical the solution is.....just write it down. It will start your brain thinking about various possibilities to resolve the issues. Sometimes by writing them down it will bring a bit of reality to the situation and you will realize that it wasn't that big of a deal after all. Sometimes FEAR freezes us and makes us IMMOBILE to any action.

5) Reengage.
Once you've gone through these tasks don't keep hibernating. Get out there and keep doing what you do. Re-engage with others and interact so that your brain gets back on track.

Diabetes is a real struggle as well as depression. Don't let it get out of hand. If you see yourself slipping further than don't be afraid to get some help. Sometimes just chatting with a friend can get you through some tough issues.

Even though it is so tempting.....try not to stick your head in the sand and hide. Work through the issues and be strong. 

Eugene Thompson
Ionic DeZign Studios
President + Founder

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