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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What a MESS!

Well first it takes a mess to start a renovation project but we are looking forward to seeing construction instead of deconstruction.  The Towncenter Crossing project is under way.....well at least some of the demo has begun.  The project consists of 6000 square feet of renovation of existing retail space (the Old Fuddruckers) and an additional 9000 square of new construction. The project is striving for LEED Certified, the first shell LEED Retail not only in towncenter of Virginia Beach but in the area.

It is racing with the 9000 square retail new construction that we started a month or so ago in Norfolk. This is all exciting as we...IONIC that is....push into providing some sustainable design projects for our clients. Some of the preliminary renderings and story is here: and a final rendering here with some other projects under construction currently.

But for now....we share the deconstruction.

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