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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Construction Begins....EVERYWHERE

Just taking a short drive around the area we can see new construction sites for Ionic DeZigns taking shape.  It is exciting to see some of our hardwork over the last several months.....or longer, finally begin coming out of the ground.  Okay maybe some of them are just scraping the ground, but we still see movement. That is always good news. It means that our work finally goes from lines on a piece of paper to actual sticks and bricks! The great thing about all these new construction projects are the jobsite signs posted everywhere! Marketing Marketing Marketing!!!!! If you see our sign, give us a shout back! Here are a few images again of the projects that we are starting.
Four Square Retail Center - Seeking LEED Certified
Russo Office Complex & Russo Law Offices
Towncenter Crossing Retail - Seeking LEED Certified
Goshen Residence - Gloucester Virginia
Sadly our jobsite signs have come down from these locations but really that is good news because it means that the construction has been completed and the owners can move in!  We still need to get some good marketing pictures of these jobs but until then here are some of the last jobsite photos taken during the inspections.

Marketcenter at Harbourview in Suffolk

St. Andrews United Methodist in Virginia Beach
We are waiting on a few more to get started as well and we will post them at that time.  Until then, enjoy my friends!

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