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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Four Square Construction Progress

We get to see some major progress out at the jobsite on Military Highway in Norfolk for the Four Square Retail Project.  The steel was delivered last week and now this week it has been erected and some of the wood framing has begun. We will see some quick progress now as the framing goes up and everyone can see the profile of the new building.

Matt Mazzoni ( from our office is coordinating all the work and documenting the construction to obtain our LEED Certification of the small retail.  Remember this is the first retail LEED in the area.....close behind is the Towncenter Crossing project in Virginia Beach. You can read about it here in an earlier post.

Everything seems to be on track as the general contractor, Independence Construction picks up the pace to meet the anticipated completion date this summer.  For all those tenants wanting to move in and occupy one of the new spaces, I am sorry but they are all filled! Good news....we can build another for you! Give us a call and we can make it happen.

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