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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chartway Federal Credit Union


Team IONIC is excited to see at least some of the construction beginning on the new renovated headquarters of Chartway. After developing multiple schemes that varied from extensive to minimal,mthe client elected to focus only at the entry way at this time. A floating glass canopy was engineered to minimize interruption with the work day activities by having much of the work prefabricated off site and set in place.

We were also very conscience about the interaction of existing structures to limited construction costs. We believe that once this grand entry feature is added to the facade, the owner will look to continue some further modications that included new sidewalk pavers, lighting and possible even a new fountain centered within the turn-about.

We look forward to seeing the pieces of the canopy being delivered and lifted in place soon. Be sure to watch for some updates and construction photos.

It is a team effort
Lead Architect: Matt Mazzoni

Ionic DeZign Studios
"Creating places and space to enrich the lives of those who use them."

Eugene Thompson

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