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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Automotive Sales Development Project

Sometimes projects just take a while to get started for whatever reason. It could be financing, site concerns, cost overruns etc. It can be frustrating for an architect to spend time designing a project to see it on a shelf and never get built. We can tell you that this project for Elite Motors really excites us now that has finally moved forward.

An Economic Development project for Virginia Beach this little automotive dealership should end up being the jewel on the blvd. Located just off First Colonial, the site ran across it's fair share of trouble coming out of the ground: most of the site undercut, underground obstacles, other properties utilities running across the property......yep, the unexpected is never a pleasant surprise when it comes to those types of change orders.

I drive by the site just about every morning on the way to work....even on Sunday on the way to church. I get to see the development spring to life each day. The client's current location is just a block away as well. Two facts that the general contractor, CL Pincus is probably so excited At least we get lots of progress photos.....even if they are drive by shots in the morning.

Here are a few progress photos thus far:

The work is moving along quite nice. Check back with us often to see the progress. If you have an automotive project, whether new or renovation, please give IONIC the opportunity to assist.

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