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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Yep this is another Thanksgiving post about how somebody within our circle is thankful and wishing you a happy holiday. Sometimes we just get inundated with the out pouring of gratitude. Now don't get me wrong. I think we should all be very thankful and should share in the joy of the season. However, have you seen how the "holiday" part is slipping away and the "spending" part has become a big focus?

More and more stores are now open throughout the holiday. I remember back in use day when we forgot something for the dinner and had to try and find someplace open. The only place was a small convenience store with a limited selection. That was what we dealt with and it was all acceptable. Now I think we might freak out if there wasn't something huge open within 5 min of us.

Our attitudes have changed. 

I tried once doing the Black Friday thing......ugggghhhh.....never again. Not interested in crowds. Not interested in rude people fighting over the best deal or the last one of this that or the other thing. Guess  I am not interested in big savings either? Well, not at the sake of giving up all that I hold special. If that is your thing, then go for it. More power to you. For me.....I will take a little peace and quiet during this time. 

Thankfulness? We have a lot to be thankful at IONIC this year. It was yet another year of success. Some years in the recent past have been lean. You can define success in a lot of ways. They could be grandiose and dynamic. Certainly that is wonderful. Or they could be just some pleasant little things.

I am going to keep it simple this year. Sure, I am thankful for all the incredible work this year. It has been absolutely great. And with those blessings we have been able to add more wonderful people to our family. And let me tell you how much of a blessing they are! Hard workers that care about what they do. They are our greatest commodity. They make the office what it is. They are a true blessing. I don't know what I would do without them. I probably don't tell them how much I appreciate them enough.

Our clients, are simply wonderful. The big ones and certainly the small ones too. Each and every one of them are special. We wouldn't be successful without all of them. So for that we most gratefully and thank each of everyone of you. We are pleased to be of service to you. At IONIC we have always cared about the details. Details are small but make the biggest difference. So are the smallest of commissions are just as special as the big ones. All are important to us.

Our consultants, have been the greatest to work with this year. Mechanical, Structural, Civil, and every other engineering included. They keep up with us and combine to help put together a fantastic project. Without them we couldn't do it. Sure we give them work. But they give us great service and make great team members. Never to be overlooked.

Our vendors are equally as awesome. Supporting all the things we doing from printing and products to IT related issues. They are the glue.

The contractors that build our work. Honestly there has been so many discussions about how architects and contractors don't get along. I don't think that is the case with IONIC. The contractors make us look good. Make our clients happy with what we designed. We owe a great deal of thankfulness for their care and handling of what we spent some much time drawing and compiling. 

So with that being said.....yes, it is your normal pretty much typical THANK YOU....THANKSGIVING message. But we certainly mean it. All of us here at IONIC wish you and your families and very happy Thanksgiving this season. Enjoy your time with your families. Enjoy your time shopping. Enjoy the blessings that you have been given this year. Have a great time.

Ionic DeZign Studios
Eugene Thompson

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