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Monday, November 4, 2013

IONIC: Manage Your Day 11.4.13

Our fun and well designed "smartphones" have got their hooks in us so deep that they are changing our manners and our culture. We no longer see phone calls, IMs, or a "ping" as an intrusion into our personal time or space. The gym and park are no longer places for personal development but rather locations to "check in". It used to be that taking a phone call while sitting at the dinner table or on the john was seen as incredibly bad manners or a sign of mental illness. Now it is common place and acceptable. Self respect and etiquette are being nudged out of our lives in lieu of convenient connection. Is it really necessary or can you yourself be enough without having to check in, tweet a update or share a photo as proof of your existence for the approval of your 823 followers.

Getting lost while driving or visiting a new city used to be an adventure and a good story. I have plenty of them about getting lost. I am really good at that. Now we just Use GPS.

One of these days we will learn to follow our own path and learn to walk erect and not hunched over like a Neanderthal Palm gazing and walking into traffic or a light post.

Ionic DeZign Studios
Eugene Thompson, AIA

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