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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wendy's - Independence Blvd

IONIC just finished the pre-construction meeting at the Wendy's on Independence Blvd in Virginia Beach. I know there are a few of them so for all you fans out there it is the one near Haygood Shopping.  Construction should begin on February 4th and last for six weeks. Another week for the managment and training and they will be back up and running. Quality Builders trong> out of Raleigh North Carolina
will be the general contractor on the project.  They have significant experience doing these additions and renovations for Wendy's.

This model will be the New Ultra Modern Tier Two style. The design has become so popular with their customers that more and more people are staying around longer meaning that they need more seats. So this one will have a 10 foot addition to the front to help accomphish a larger dining and seating area.

Look for our construction sign out front soon.

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