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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fire Station Designs

IONIC is involved in preparation of some conceptual designs for a Fire and Rescue Station in North Carolina. The structure will contain offices, meeting rooms, bunk rooms, kitchen and of course the engine bay area with gear storage and maintenance all within the facility. This is early on within the design process but a good start on our work as the go to regional Public Safety Architect.

It is all important to generate timeless and sound architecture when working with firehouses, police stations and other municipal buildings. Critical in the life of a building is the application of proper solid materials for use in these high use areas. Equally important is the necessity to keep maintenance low. Now throw in the idea of creating the same project as a sustainable entity. The value and integrity of the work at IONIC establishes the efficiency of the structure while placing the resources where they matter the most. This is an important component of our practice serving our clients that use our buildings and serve our communities.
D. Eugene Thompson, AIA

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  1. Nice looking fire station. Did you end up using this design somewhere?