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Friday, June 1, 2012

Sharing your Business

One of the greatest things about owning your own business is sharing it with others.  Others that have become part of your team. Over the thirteen years we have had a few different faces within the walls of our tiny office, but I think just about everyone of them took some pride in being part of the "TEAM". Those in our family that helped kick off the early work, to those that were part of the "Great Recession" right down to those that are currently integral in the success of the projects that go out.

I have always felt that the TEAM was important to the success of our work needless to say even our firm. In the beginning....No not Genesis 1:1....but long before we ever opened the door to Ionic DeZign Studios, it was understood that my name would never grace the doors of my firm. Yes, sure, it is MY firm, but just as much as it is anyone else that works here. You have heard it before...There is no I in TEAM....maybe I should add....but there are several I's in IonIc dezIgn studIos Inc. All of those I's, and even the ones that don't show up in the name, are very critical to what I feel is the heart of our business. Personal attention!

Our TEAM takes their work personally always focuses on the client first and foremost. That is what makes them so great and why I care for them so much...just like family...because they are! This usually ends up in translation to our clients. They become part of the TEAM as well as the family. We have fun and accomplish a lot together as we build. Isn't that what is supposed to be like? To find a partner in your endeavors that care for your interests and watch out for them? Not just "spend their money"?

Wait, did I just say FUN? WORK and FUN together in the same sentence? Sure, why not? I enjoy what I do and hope that at the end of even the most hectic days I can still say that it was fun. At at the end of a completed construction project our clients can say, hey that was fun....okay maybe that won't be the first thing to come out of their mouths but maybe: Pleased, enjoy, thankful, success, excited, get the idea! I will tend to believe that all of those complements add up to FUN.

FUN is what TEAM IONIC is having. We take opportunities to get together to relax and enjoy the leisure part of our lives. Take a look at our jerseys made up for our seasonal picnic. This year at the Harbor Park watching the Tides.  We cannot wait to wear them around town and show our colors.

Enjoy my friends and remember to have FUN everyday.

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