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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NERVE 2015 - Nashville

Be Legendary! For my first experience at a global EO function, this was LEGENDARY! The amount of learning and note taking I did over the few days we stayed in Nashville was massive. About 50 pages of written notes filled my iPad. I tried to capture all that I could. Numerous speakers filled my head with self-motivation and focus on being a better leader and business man. They provided I site how to grow your business to points that are beyond your expectations. They encouraged you to share your knowledge with your own team/staff and allow them to better their abilities.

Each day was filled with speakers during the day and networking opportunities each evening. From keynote speakers to breakout sessions and even celebrity country singers, Nashville was filled with more than I could imagine. To make a choice of which breakout speaker I intended on hearing was probably the toughest decision. None we bad....all were awesome. I emerged with an enormous amount of learning.....including a pile of books to add to my reading list! I can't wait to get through them all.

I connected with several individuals including the great Jack Daly. What a huge motivator! Not only did I hear him speak but got the opportunity to run with him Thursday morning and chat a bit. There were about a dozen of us. I feel I am going to be adding an Ironman to my bucket list. What an amazing way to start off my first Global EO experience!
Day one was filled with multiple speakers (9 in total) brain was about to explode and I filled my iPad with notes. Here is my day one take-aways. There were many!

Verne Harnish: Locamotion of Species; "With enough pieces of ribbon I could conquer the planet", Napoleon; The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing; In the 21st century we are not confined to our four walls; Passion Purpose & Persistence.

John DiJulius: They don't put people in Disney, they put Disney in people; Day in the Life of a Customer; Making price irrelevant; SIGN: We do $10 haircuts....SIGN: We fix $10 haircuts!; Customer Bill of Rights...never & always.

Jack Daly: Systems and Processes; If you don't have an assistant you are one; Vision = Magnetic + Compelling; Keep people in Key spots; Hire slowly, Fire quickly; Always looking for the number 1 salesman.

Cameron Herold: The little engine that could, I think I can; Ride the roller coaster and scream, or wave and laugh.

Tim Corbin: people are like: Marshmallow-soft outside and inside, Jelly Bean-hard on outside and soft in the middle, Rock-hard on both because of experience; Life isn't fair, it rewards us on its own clock; Don't judge every season by the outcome of the last game; The first part of teaching is trust.

Ron Friedman: Intelligent risk taking; Mistakes are the tuition you pay for success; Exercise makes you smarter.

Biz Dev Done Right: Right Target, Right Message, Right Answers to objections, Right Door Opener, Right execution; 1st 10% improvement, 2nd 10% price change.

Andy Bailey: 7000 thoughts in one day, only ONE task account mp,I shed at a time; You get what you're focused on.

Tommy Spaulding: His story was amazing.....can't wait to read the book after listening to him for just a few minutes.

And the the day was over and off we went to dinner. Right there in the hotel at the Country Music Hall of Fame with entertainment by John Rich who had spoke to us earlier in the day too.

All in all it was a fantastic event with lots to learn from. A great time getting to know my fellow members and many of their wives better as well as a lot of others from around the country.
D. Eugene Thompson, AIA
Ionic DeZign Studios

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