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Monday, August 10, 2015

Success Is No Accident

I ran across this image the other day and posted it on our Facebook page. It got a little reaction and even a few people "borrowed" it. That's perfectly fine because I don't own it nor did I say it. This platform is about sharing and helping others get better. That's what I like to do. Help others. 

What I like about this quote is that so many people jump into business without a plan......or not much of a plan. Likewise they do the same with marriage or relationships etc. Successful businesses don't just accidentally happen. It takes work. Some times lots of work! That is the same thing with relationships.....they require attention as well or guess what? You don't have one anymore. You probably can guess that is the same thing with business success. You might surely still have a business if you ignore it.....but what kind of business?

Along with success comes failures. It is inevitable unfortunately. It happens.....get over it and get on with it. A small child first learning how to walk never falls down right? Wrong! He or she will fall down lots of times. Scuffed knees, little bruises here and just happens. It is great to have mommies and daddies run over and pick them up and kiss their boo boos and set them off and running again. Unfortunately we don't always have those "mommies and daddies" in the business world. We have to dust off ourselves and get back out there.

Accidents is not a business planning strategy. And certainly it won't lead to success.

Enjoy your week my friends. Please keep watching for news coming soon regarding exciting new things happening at IONIC.

D. Eugene Thompson, AIA
President + Founder

"Where Art and Architecture Come Together"

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