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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mental Toughness

I just finished one of the best inspiring leadership growth books I have read in a long time. Now I seem to read little these days but certainly have been trying to do better so I can grow......any every way. The book is Executive Toughness by Dr. Jason Selk. I was fortunate enough to hear him speak a few months ago at a local lecture. Inspired by his words of encouragement regarding mental toughness, I went home and bought his book.

Again I'm less than a wonderful reader.....more than finding time. But I found myself engulfed in the book and its principles presented by the writer. Why? Well because I want to achieve more, to succeed at higher levels and feel more complete as a person, husband, father and business leader. There were basic principles and exercises provided that were accompanied by examples of others. These helpful tools allowed me to jot down my own priorities and to begin my check list of principles I wanted to improve upon.

For nearly two months I have been pretty consistent on maintaining my schedule that I set up to check off my "tasks" of the day. This are things that I want to accomplish professionally and personally. Now I don't always check off every a matter of fact I have yet to check off every box for a single day. Far from it. 

My list consists of two columns of ten. The first ten are typically always done when I first wake up and completed up until I leave for the office. The second half or second column begins when I leave the front door and wraps up when I return home. I he my own set of lists for the work at the office. These are things that I want to focus on to make be better. If I cannot make myself better how do I plan on helping others. I do really well consistently on my morning routine......not so much on the end of the day things.

Each day I see where I succeeded and where I need failures! Just improvement! I will keep on working it until I'm consistent at accomplishing 100%. And then I will probably reset my goals......that's the way it works. We always need improvement.

Enjoy your day my friends (TIBs) and I look forward to our talks.
Have a blessed day.

Be watching for our upcoming news soon at IONIC. We are making some exciting waves in Hampton Roads and beyond. Stay tuned for more.

D. Eugene Thompson, AIA
President + Founder
Ionic DeZign Studios, Inc

"To the future.....and beyond!"

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