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Monday, June 29, 2015

Interior Design Developments

Often times the smaller projects or interior projects take more work.......sometimes LOTS MORE WORK! That can be understandable due to the touchy feely conditions of fabrics, furniture, wallcoverings, textures, colors, floorings, lighting and whatever else that can possibly interfere with the mindset of a client ....... On that particular day.

Yes, sometimes we change our minds daily. It's our human nature I guess to continually think about different options if we are truly thinking about different options and not simply stuck with, " I know what I want!" mentality. I'm good with that.....I want our clients to walk away pleased that they have explored multiple possibilities for their new space......even if it means going back to the first one we started with.

Unfortunately there are many clients who simply cannot SEE their space with standard drawings. And that is where we are able to clear the mental blocks by giving them clearer vision. It takes much effort many times but is worth it......3D Interior models. Here are a few examples of our work that reflect the simplistic and the complex when it comes to presenting interior concepts.

Dining Area at 100 Main

Bar Area at 100 Main
Sitting Area at Westminster Canterbury
Sitting Area at Westminster Canterbury
Center Living Space at Westminster Canterbury
Have a great day my friends and we look forward to working with you.

D. Eugene Thompson, AIA
Founder + President
Ionic DeZign Studios, Inc.

"Where art and architecture come together"

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