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Friday, February 27, 2015

Entrepreneurs' Organization Expo

This week was a fantastic introduction to Entrepreneurs Organization at the Expo held at the Ted Contant Center. What an amazing set of speakers with motivational discussions. It was great to hear from national speakers as well as local successful business leaders. Too much to cover in a short blog but here are a few thoughts by each:

Carl Gould
"Businesses can start by accident, but they cannot survive by accident."
"Show up at a level 10 everyday!"

John Lowe
"It's not about you."
"You are in the people business."
"Inform the Rider - Inspire the Elephant - Clear the Path"
"Tell your story better."

Chuck Blakeman
"Cheerful Whistling Allowed"
"Give people their brains back."
"It's a results based world."
"The Art of leadership is to know how few decisions to make."

Roger Arnold
"Awareness Issue"
Reticular Activator"

You will need to look these speakers up and find where they are talking next or buy their books. Guarantee it will be well worth it.

Seek knowledge my friends.

D. Eugene Thompson, AIA
Ionic Dezign Studios.

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