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Monday, December 29, 2014

Sometimes it Takes Motivation Every Morning

Sometimes it happens to me.......again…and .....again
I just lay there. Still. Eyes closed. Mind racing, but body stagnant. The battle had begun…
Should I wake up and work out/send emails/write a new article/do anything mildly productive, or should I surrender to just one more hour of restless sleep.
On most days, this wouldn’t be a battle. I am better than that.
But even the mightiest success chasers need new sources of motivation every once in a while.
You see, most of us are indeed crazed to succeed, and rarely need any external pushes to get ahead. We are intrinsically motivated beasts 99.99% of the time, but one day (or week, or month…don’t judge) there will come a time where you everything will seem gloom, the important goals you’ve set for yourself become less noticeable than an extra 15 minutes of quasi-sleep, and the rollercoaster hits its lowest valleys.
WHY?!? Because you CAN create the life you want, but only if you work your rear end off to create it.
WHY?!? Because you INSPIRE others through your work, words, and actions, so it’s your responsibility to be a good role model for those who look up to you.
WHY?!? Because certain jobs, people, and friends passed you over, and it’s on you to PROVE THEM WRONG.
WHY?!? Because your family, friends, and supporters WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED.
WHY?!? Because you are a LEADER, and because people DEPEND on you.
However, all that being said, I know some days are harder than others, and because there have been days (weeks, months…) that I’ve had this same problem, I want to give you some ways to get motivation EVERY morning.
Make it a habit, just like brushing your teeth and tying your shoelaces, to seek sources of motivation every single morning. Watch an inspirational Youtube video, listen to you favorite, potentially-Rocky-inspired song, or get a group of friends together for a daily, 5 minute “pep” conference call.
Meditate and think of all the things in life you are grateful for. Give yourself a start on a miracle morning.
Prepare my friends for a new beginning and news start in 2015.
Wishing you all much greater success this year than the last.

D. Eugene Thompson, AIAHR
Ionic DeZign Studios

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