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Friday, January 3, 2014

IONIC: Manage Your Day 1.3.14

 Architecture has it's way of allowing you to always work in the creative realm. Everything we do or work on we are creating something. Sure there are times where we really get to express our design skills and show off our talents on some pretty interesting projects. But there is creativity in even the smallest of details. Creating solutions .....often times better solutions....within the construction details.

Sometimes creativity comes in the form of redefining those details that save the contractor some time. Or even the owner some money. But still getting the same results. That is an everyday problem solving issue for Architects. Those creative solutions may not be seen on the outside but certainly effect the outcome of a project.

I have worked with some great well known 'starchitects', that can produce the most beautiful designs, but they cannot create the solutions to properly construct them within budget. There is a word for designing without regards for a's called SCHOOL! Most schools don't want to stifle creativity so they don't restrict design students to a budget. I respect that.....unfortunately for most of us we will always work within a budget during our careers.

Come let us share our work with you. 
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Eugene Thompson

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