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Sunday, December 29, 2013

IONIC: Manage Your Day 12.29.13

Have you ever felt that you couldn't really complete anything because it had to be perfect? That is the story of my life. Completion of task often times take forever, never getting them all the way done or changing plans because I understand myself to know that it won't be right.......if I keep going in that certain direction. So I compromise. 

Compromising isn't necessary a bad thing. Especially if you can finally complete something. If you are frozen in fear of doing something "unsatisfactory" you won't complete ANYTHING! Chances are your imperfect to you as it may most likely unrecognized as such.

A few years ago I started getting back into sketching.....I couldn't. I didn't know what to draw and was afraid to put the first lines on the paper. Finally I convinced myself to just I was scratching something out while talking on the phone. When I tricked myself into thinking that what I was drawing wasn't important and was just scrap......I getting some pretty neat doodles. From there I was able to take off again.

Don't hinder yourself with trying to me perfect my friends. Just try it. Something is always better than nothing!

Eugene Thompson
Ionic DeZign Studios

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