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Friday, May 10, 2013

Ionic DeZign Studios Hits Growth Spurt

It all started thirteen and a half years ago. Out of the front living room and dining room of the Thompson household and then into it's office near town center in Virginia Beach. Slowly and steadily (minus the economic speed bump of 2009) IONIC has been progressively getting a little bit bigger and doing a bit more and more. Where once we were limited to focus on a select area of work within a certain distance within Virginia's borders, we now have projects in Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. There are only a few in those distant states so I don't want to sound like we are bigger than we are but that is still a beginning.

One project at a time we have continued to serve our clients by being attentive to their needs and listening to their concerns. We have focused our practice around serving others by helping accomplish their goals while having a little fun along the way. But most of you already knew that about us if you have worked with us before.

What you may not know is about how we are growing. Initially we planned to incorporate some new finishes and fixtures to our front office space. After all we had been there for almost nine years. Even though it served our needs, we felt a need to project more of the style of work we do within our own surroundings. It quickly became evident that we needed others things for our growth. To handle all the work we needed more people, to handle all the people we needed more desks and chairs, to handle all the furniture, computers etc......yep you got it....we needed more space.

After shifting and compressing and everything else possible it was simple.....we needed to grow. Our quaint little conference area no longer handled the bigger meetings we were no having. It didn't even handle our own staff. Storage for files was a premium. Our library of products, catalogs and finish samples was bursting at its seams. Fortunately we had a plan to solve all this. Actually for an architect....we had many plans. Just which one to choose?

Proudly, with the assistance of our landlord, Suburban Asset Management and their leasing agent CB Richard Ellis, we have that plan. Our new expanded office space will allow us to stay in the same location but stretch out in the areas where we need the most growth...THE DESIGN STUDIO. Nearly doubling the size of our current office footprint, the space will allow for a few new private offices, lots of storage, lots of working space for samples and catalogs, a new contemporary conference room, break room and of course space enough to comfortably accommodate all the design staff giving us ample room to accommodate a staff of nearly 20.

We are just beginning, and as we have preached to our clients it doesn't have to break the bank to accomplish great design. We hope the renovations will not only reflect some of the character of our work to our clients, but also provide for the needs of a very hard working group of architects, interior designers and engineers that collaborate here. Our goal is that before the end of the year our office will be ready to celebrate it's new pictures until then....just wait a see.

Thanks to all those that have helped us grow.

Ionic DeZign Studios, Inc.

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