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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Historic Home Renovations

Existing Restorations
IONIC is still forging ahead on the renovations and restorations of the historical home in Gloucester. Originally built in the 1700s, this home has been added onto over the years. The latest major addition was in 1920. Unfortunately much of the electric and plumbing added during those days needed to be replaced now. Pipes were crumbling and wiring inadequate. Very little insulation was provided in the old house that used 10 different fireplaces for heat. The central air is being replaced with geo thermal, the leaky basement is resealed and insulated, new lighting and replacement of a few rotten beams are a few of the pieces of work required. There are also some new features such as a new master bedroom suite, replacement of some millwork, finished third floor attic for guest bedrooms and rebuilt 6 bathrooms. Various members of the staff have worked on the project but currently Abby Hoffman has been diligently putting together the work necessary for permits along with Kilburn Nightingale Architects in London England. Her latest portion of the work involves the creation of a new verandah space that opens out to the Ware River. Dovetail Construction out of Richmond Virginia has been doing an incredible job on the renovations.

Third floor bedrooms

Re-building sunroom doors and windows

Powder room destruction....for now.

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