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Friday, December 28, 2012

IONIC DEZIGN STUDIOS: 2012 Top Ten Projects

We have been really blessed this year with lots of work when we know so many others have struggled to make ends meet.  First of all lets us thank our clients for supporting us here at IONIC and allowing us to do what we enjoy doing so much: DESIGNING!

Here are a few of our 2012 projects that we feel particularly proud of.  Some are completed while others are under construction and are listed in no particular order.  We would love to hear from you as to your favorite and why.

1. We start off with a Wendy's Ultra-Modern design located in Chesapeake Virginia. This design is a popular one with the company as it certainly provides a bit of flair to the old fashioned look previously. As a renovation project, there was much coordination required to accomplish the final look. Construction by Independence Construction.

2. We don't often do residential work but this one takes the cake. The Goshen Residence built originally in the late 1700s on the Ware River in Gloucester Virginia undergos significant renovation to save the structure and return it to its glory of the original era.  Many modern features have been added to insure that it maintains usefulness as a home but also that much care is taken to insure the integrity of the history.  Working with DHR, IONIC; the contractor DOVETAIL CONSTRUCTION and other consultants strive to rebuild this home now listed on the historic register.

3. Our first LEED Retail project Four Square Retail has found a lot of favor with the local community. We have heard that the city of Norfolk Virginia is quite proud to the the first in the area. It doesn't hurt to be fully occupied and generating revenue as well. IONIC is currently working on the paperwork for the official accreditation of the facility for a LEED Certified. We hope to have everything finalized by summer of 2013. Construction by Independence Construction.

4. Star Express Convenience Store located in New Kent County Virginia is currently under construction. The second store for this small growing corporation but first with a statement by IONIC. It is expected to be completed near the end of March 2013 and open to the public shortly there after. We feel that this store will lead to many more locations as growth and prosperity continues. Construction by Independence Construction.

5. Part of the economic development authority in Virginia Beach Virginia, Russo Law Office became possible due to their previous office taken over due to eminent domain. The new brick, glass and metal panel structure sits right near Town Center and offers multiple tenants as well as the law office. In December 2012, this project received the honor award from the City of Virginia Beach Planning Commission. Construction by JDandW.

6. The Wendy's Urban Design makes our list as well. We did several locations but our first was in Raleigh North Carolina.  We are fortunate to have the confidence of the corporate office to continue with their work into 2013 all over North Carolina as well as working with some franchise owners too. Construction by Quality Builders.

7. Towncenter Crossing became our second LEED Retail project this year located right in the middle of Virginia Beach Virginia re-developed from the old Fuddruckers Building. These photos were taken as we finalized some of the exterior lighting modifications. USAA and Bruegger's Bagels will be wrapping up their construction soon and we will be back out there to take some final shots. It is nice to work right across the street from your project! Construction by Independence Construction.

8. Under construction in South hill Virginia right off of US 85 is the new Five Guys. This free standing building took quite some time to get all the players in tune with one another but finally is has kicked into gear. Construction began late November with site work and the completion expects to be near April 2013.  Construction by Kenbridge Construction. We look forward to a burger or two.

9. This project has been a bit of a roller coaster this past year. Navy Federal Credit Union had some changes to the program that caused delay to construction in Chesapeake Virginia. Initially we designed a 9,000 sq ft, then added an additional 3,000 sq ft and now we are back to just 3500 square feet. we are hoping all is set to complete the final documents (again) by March 2013 and finish construction near the end of next year.

10. Rounding out the top ten is the Haywood Office Project located in Gloucester Virginia. This is the first of 3 buildings for the complex with construction current underway for the site.  Some final modifications are being made to allow the owner to get into the structure immediately while leasing continues for the office portion. We expect completion some time late summer of 2013. Construction by G.L. Wilson.

Again we want to thank all of those that supported us this year and wish many great successes in 2013. Let us know what you like!

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