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Monday, September 3, 2012

Lighting DeZign

This last week I was afforded the opportunity to visit a major lighting manufacturer in Milwaukee to how they design, market, and manufacture their products.  We been blessed with the ability to see many LightFair Conventions where literally thousands of lighting manufacturers are presenting their wares. Many times these shows are only able to present their newest products to the site seerers. These shows are great to get a quick overview of all the pertinent vendors. Perfect glimpse of the lighting possibilities.  I have enjoyed each and every one of these.

What could be better? Being able to see the manufacturer in a one on one setting. Our visit to Visa Lighting in Milwaukee allowed to create a personal relationship with the manufacturer with thanks to our local representative Lighting Virginia. Without these fantastic team members we at IONIC have been afforded the best option to succeed. With team members like these, who can possibility fail? You might have already read on some of our posts about how we promote the idiosyncrasy of the value to team members and our promotion of unity. IONIC means team!

Rick and Jimalee presented an awesome view into their team with presentation of the company's newest marketing efforts, product launch and proposes of environmental and economical strategies supporting our client and our design perimeters. By focusing on these financial issues that are beyond the realm of quality lighting and affordable value. This is some thing at we at IONIC value.  My friends in Milwaukee, you just won our loyalty.

A presentation this last week in their current lighting library including the new introduction of family fixtures was inspiring.  I came away with many ideas on the projects that we could use them on. Our small visiting group received the opportunity to see and understand better their manufacturing capabilities. We walked through their plant with Mark and saw their production process and how they resort to modify standards to meet the needs of custom designs. A very accommodating approach to our of our design desires.  Many thanks to Dan and Bonnie for their contribution to our trip. They gave us a warm feeling of "home" while we were there. Information and sharing was their priority. I thank you for that. A special thanks to Tracy as she kept us running, kept us on time, kept us well fed, and was a special host!

IONIC looks forward to the many project collaborations in the near future......And visits to the Milwaukee area!

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