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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day One: LightFair 2012

This week begins the annual Light Fair convention which contains ever major architectural lighting manufacturer in the world. No the world! This year it is back at Las Vegas and it looks to be an exciting one. Last year, due to a conflict in my schedule, I didn't get to attend so I am looking forward to catching up.

Our lovely friends at First Light hosts our trip to this lighting extravaganza as we have a very busy and filled schedule for the few days we are here. There are several other specifiers from our region along with us so group gathering are always exciting. We have developed some nice friendships over the years centering on this event.

Yesterday started off with mostly travel as we began to arrive in Vegas. The travel alone thru the airports can drain a person but everyone got here safely. Matt Mazzoni and Dahlia Pecka from IONIC are also here with us this year as we continue the process of mentoring our staff. We all got checked into the hotel at Monte Carlo without a problem and then rested up until dinner time.

We all had a great dinner together at The Pub. a fun time getting reacquainted and caught up with where and what everyone has been doing since we last met. After dinner a quick run outside to see the Bellagio fountains which is always a great attraction. Afterwards gathered at the New York New York Casino to see a lighting manufacturer.  After that, I called it a day and turned in so I could prepare for the long days ahead at the convention center. Be sure to check back this week to find out what all we have discovered at this year's LightFair.

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