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Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Office Building Proposal Revealed

Our office was invited to participate in a proposal for a potential 3 story office building near downtown Norfolk. The site is located on the corner of Boush Street and Maxey Drive, a corner that finds itself flooded often when any substantial rains occur.  The client has often experienced flooding inside their small office due to high waters resulting in reoccurring repairs. The client requested proposals from several qualified and reputable general contractors for the work to be performed.  Ionic DeZign Studios teamed up with KBS to prepare the concept.

The proposal included raising the 7000 square foot structure upwards to elevate above a ground floor parking solving the flooding issue.  A ground floor elevator lobby was raised 24 inches above grade to assist in preventing further repair issues. We presented an optional third floor to maximize the use of the staircases and elevator. The structure consists of brick, limestone panels and tinted glass.

Our office is very familiar with the area since we had completed the renovations of the property right across the street only a few years ago for Dominion Pathology. That existing building also had to be raised on the interior to avoid flooding.

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